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A warrant in Ulster County NY is a judge’s written permission for law enforcement to search for and seize criminal evidence or information or to make an arrest. In most cases, warrants are issued based on evidence that a crime has been committed, and they describe what may be searched for and where, as well as who can be detained and for what.

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Resources Specific To Ulster County, New York.

Ulster County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO Warrant Search)
380 Boulevard Ct, Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: (845) 338-3640
Outstanding Warrant List

Crime Watch
Most Wanted

Kingston Police Department
1 Garraghan Dr #1, Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: (845) 331-1671

County Clerk (Felony)
244 Fair St Kingston, NY 12401
Criminal – Web
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

City Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
One Garraghan Dr Kingston, NY 12401
Criminal – Web
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

New Paltz Police Department
83 S Putt Corners Rd Suite #1, New Paltz, NY 12561
Phone: (845) 255-1323

Ulster County Warrant Search Online

One alternative is contacting a regional court or law enforcement agency to obtain information about a warrant when doing a Ulster County warrant search.
Internet databases that maintain national-level public record information are another possibility.
Each strategy has advantages and downsides, so you must select the optimum one for your circumstances.

Accessible Court Records

Examining Ulster County court records is the most efficient way to establish whether or not an arrest warrant exists.
Because a judge must authorize warrants, court records include a list of issued warrants.

The Ulster County Sheriff's Warrant List

Because they must execute them, regional Ulster County law enforcement will also maintain a list of warrants within their area of authority.
They will likely require the individual’s name and date of birth. After receiving this information, they can investigate their list to see whether or not a warrant is on file.

Bench Warrants In Ulster County

Bench warrants are warrants for arrest issued by a judge. Unlike other Ulster County arrest warrants, bench warrants are issued by the court itself.
A judge may issue a bench warrant if an individual fails to appear in court or violates a court order.

Arrest Warrants In Ulster County

To obtain an arrest warrant, the Ulster County police must have probable cause that a crime has been committed and that the individual in question is responsible for it.
This evidence must be presented to a judge, who will determine if it is adequate to issue an arrest warrant.
If a warrant authorizes a suspect’s arrest, the police can work on capturing them.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Fugitive warrants differ from standard Ulster County warrants in that they are issued specifically for offenders on the run.
If someone has a fugitive warrant, officials from across the country will work together to apprehend and return them to the prosecuting jurisdiction.

Search Warrant

A law enforcement in Ulster County NY official must submit an affidavit explaining the facts and circumstances that support the search in order to obtain a search warrant.
The judge will decide if there are sufficient grounds to grant the warrant.

Ulster County Warrant Searches For Free

There are some ways to do a free warrant search. Here are some of the most prevalent strategies:
Use an online database of public records: Numerous regional public record databases offer warrant searches by case number or name.
Search the state court or police database: Many states maintain databases of outstanding warrants accessible to the public.

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