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One might want to gain access to somebody’s Smithtown criminal records for multiple reasons, be it for yourself or to check others.
However, it’s important to understand certain subtleties before diving into such a search. Not every criminal record is open to the public; for example, juvenile offenses stay private. In addition, even accessible adult records may have limitations regarding their usage and content.

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Local Sources For Criminal Info In Smithtown, NY

Suffolk County Police Department 4th Precinct
727 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Smithtown, NY 11788
Phone: (631) 854-8400

County Clerk (Felony and Civil)
310 Center Dr Riverhead, NY 11901
Web Lookup
Web Lookup 2
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

District Criminal (Misdemeanor and Traffic)
400 Carleton Ave Rm D220 Central Islip, NY 11722
Web Lookup
Web Lookup 2
On Location Search – No

Suffolk County Sheriff Office (SCSO)
200 Suffolk Ave, Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: (631) 852-2200
Online Records
Public Registry of Sex Offenders

Smithtown Court Records

Many American court systems have databases with court records, generally accessible to the public. They’re useful for background checks or revealing somebody’s Smithtown criminal history. Nevertheless, each court system has its own policies concerning record maintenance and ease of access, making the process difficult in some jurisdictions.

Smithtown Police Records

Police records in Smithtown NY can provide insights into local criminal activities and reports on specific people with a special request from local law enforcement.

Arrest Data

Arrest records can be requested from the Smithtown sheriff’s office. In most cases, the sheriffs will have a database of recent arrests posted on their website.

Inmate Data

Inmate records in Smithtown NY can also verify an individual’s criminal convictions that ended with time behind bars, detailing the crime and the penitentiary period.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


You can discover infraction records in numerous ways, mainly through online court databases or contacting local Smithtown courts directly. The court’s website frequently has the most effective methods of searching for these records.


Misdemeanor convictions in Smithtown NY can vary extensively in their consequences. For example, a shoplifting misdemeanor may result in a minor penalty, while an assault could lead to incarceration. The jurisdiction also plays a critical role, as some states impose more stringent penalties than others.

Smithtown Felony Records

To determine if someone has a Smithtown felony conviction, check the county’s court records where the individual has been tried. Supplement this with searches in federal and state criminal databases for an extensive research.

Smithtown Sexual Offender Information

Identifying registered sex offenders can be approached in multiple ways. The National Sex Offender Registry, kept by the U.S. Department of Justice, is accessible online. Furthermore, local Smithtown police or the state’s sex offender registry can be used for these details.

Smithtown Dui/Dwi Cases

Many Smithtown DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) are classified as misdemeanors, but certain circumstances can elevate them to felonies. For example, a DUI occurrence resulting in death or serious injury can be treated as a felony. Repeat offenders may also deal with felony DUI charges.

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