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Many individuals have legitimate reasons for seeking others’ Schenectady County criminal records. Possibly you’re considering a babysitter and need to carry out a background check, or you’ve met somebody online and want to ensure they don’t have a criminal history.
Common approaches to accessing these records are through local courts or online public records search services.

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Local Sources For Criminal Info In Schenectady County, NY

County Court (Felony)
612 State St, 4th Fl Schenectady, NY 12305
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

City Court Criminal (Misdemeanor)
518-453-6989 x4
531 Liberty St Schenectady, NY 12305
Web Lookup

Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO)
320 Veeder Ave, Schenectady, NY 12307
Phone: (518) 393-8300
Sex Offenders

Schenectady Police Department
531 Liberty St, Schenectady, NY 12305
Phone: (518) 382-5200

Schenectady County Court Records

Court records in Schenectady County NY, generally public for the most part, can be sealed or unavailable to the public. To gain access to criminal information from courts:
1. Consult the court clerk to guide you on offered records and retrieval methods.
2. Browse the court’s website; many courts provide online access to their records, searchable by case number, name, or date.

Schenectady County Police Records

For Schenectady County police records, it’s best to approach the establishment that developed the report. Most have established procedures for public requests.

Arrest Data

Arrest records can be accessed online or offline in Schenectady County NY. While the convenience of online searches is preferred by many, offline approaches might sometimes be more appropriate.

Inmate Data

Local Schenectady County jails or prisons are additional valuable resources for obtaining someone’s criminal history. However, bear in mind that not all facilities provide online inmate records. To access these records:
1. Directly contact the facility.
2. Utilize an online service concentrating on such details.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Schenectady County NY are small offenses leading to citations or warnings, not arrests for the most part. They don’t require jail time but frequently lead to fines. Examples consist of speeding, running red lights, and littering.


It’s essential to differentiate between violent and non-violent misdemeanors in Schenectady County NY. Violent misdemeanors incur more serious consequences than non-violent ones, typically less.

Schenectady County Felony Records

Felonies in Schenectady County NY, criminal activities potentially leading to over a year of imprisonment, are classified based on their seriousness. For instance, first-degree murder is a top-tier felony, while theft may be considered a lower felony.
Felony convictions carry heavy consequences, including potential prison time, loss of specific rights like voting or firearm possession, and obstacles with certain opportunities.

Schenectady County Sexual Offender Information

Many websites provide free lookups for Schenectady County sex offender records; the United States Department of Justice maintains a nationwide sex offender registry, while state and local law enforcement will have their own.

Schenectady County Dui/Dwi Cases

A Schenectady County DUI conviction appears on one’s criminal record. Repercussions typically include fines, community service, drug abuse programs, and driving restrictions.

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