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Numerous courts and law enforcement agencies within the United States document and maintain criminal records. These records can be used to inform the public about the Rochester criminal history of people they might be concerned about.

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Local Sources For Criminal Info In Rochester, NY

Rochester Police Department
185 Exchange Blvd, Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: (585) 428-6720

County Clerk (Felony)
39 W Main St, #101 Rochester, NY 14614
Criminal Lookup
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

City Court Criminal (Misdemeanor and Traffic)
150 S Plymouth, Rm 123 Rochester, NY 14614
Web Lookup
On Location Search – No

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO)
130 S Plymouth Ave #100, Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: (585) 753-4178
Inmate Roster
Most Wanted
Public Registry of Sex Offenders

Rochester Court Records

Performing a Rochester criminal records search can be approached in multiple ways. Utilizing a public online database is the most straightforward method for accessing court records, as they integrate information directly from court cases.

Police Records

Police regularly perform Rochester criminal history checks and help to identify an individual with a criminal record.

Arrest Data

Arrest records chronicle details about individuals arrested by the Rochester police, including information like their names, arrest dates, and charges.

Inmate Data

For Rochester criminal history insights concerning inmates, accessing their records is essential. Usually, these are public documents, although some may have limitations.
The searcher will need the inmate’s name and incarcerated state. Such records can be found on public records platforms at the county level or main prison system DOC websites.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Typically, infractions aren’t deemed major Rochester criminal offenses. They represent minor legal violations and normally lead to a fine. Still, infractions might be categorized as criminal offenses under certain circumstances, though they are normally non-criminal.


Insights into an individual’s character can be gleaned from misdemeanor records in Rochester NY. While misdemeanors aren’t as serious as felonies, they can still indicate a person’s behavioral patterns. For instance, individuals with convictions for theft or assault might display a greater tendency for criminal activities or violence.

Rochester Felony Records

To source information on recorded Rochester felonies, communicating with your local courthouse or sheriff is recommended. Numerous public record websites likewise have this information online.

Rochester Sexual Offender Information

The Rochester sex offender database is a potent instrument for community safety, providing details about registered sex offenders, including their location and criminal offense. Law enforcement agencies harness this information for offender investigations and prosecutions, and it assists the public in making safety-conscious decisions.

Rochester Dui/Dwi Cases

Rochester DUI records are accessible throughout all 50 states, though there are exceptions. Some states may seal DUI records after an established duration or upon the offender’s successful conclusion of a mandated program.

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