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Examining a North Hempstead criminal record is done for various reasons. For example, people might run a background check before entrusting someone with important things to ensure their safety and integrity.

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Local Sources For Criminal Info In North Hempstead, NY

North Hempstead Police Department
214 Hillside Avenue  Williston Park, New York 11596
(516) 573-6300
Freedom of Information Requests

County Clerk (Felony)
716-858-8785 x2
92 Franklin St, 1st Fl Buffalo, NY 14202
Web Criminal
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

City Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
50 Delaware Ave, Ste 750 Buffalo, NY 14202
Web Criminal
Web Criminal 2

Erie County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO)
10 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 858-7618
Inmate Roster
Warrant Search
(FOIL) Records Access
Public Registry of Sex Offenders

North Hempstead Court Records

Criminal North Hempstead court records are public in situations, making them accessible to anybody. Exceptions do exist, like cases involving minors or those with sealed records.
People use these records when conducting background checks and even tracing family history. No matter the motive, locating the court that presided over the relevant case is essential. Once identified, one can directly approach the court to access the records.

North Hempstead Police Records

Police records are another source of North Hempstead criminal information, from finding missing persons to criminal examinations.

Arrest Data

To determine if somebody has a North Hempstead criminal past, you can check numerous avenues such as local court records, police reports, or online databases. Working with the county’s sheriff is a good way to verify recent arrests, as they maintain records of all detentions within their jurisdiction.

Inmate Data

Remember to look at prison and North Hempstead jail records for possible criminal histories when doing a criminal search. These public records detail jailed people after arrests and prisoners after convictions.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Infractions in North Hempstead NY are minor offenses not falling under the felony or misdemeanor categories. Although they do not usually result in jail time, penalties might include fines and certain infractions might lead to points on a driving record.


Misdemeanors have a range of offenses, from minor theft, vandalism, and public intoxication to disorderly conduct. While most North Hempstead misdemeanors call for fines or probation, more extreme ones, particularly those including violence, may result in jail sentences.

North Hempstead Felony Records

A North Hempstead felony conviction carries significant consequences:

  • Possible prison time.
  • Forfeit some civil rights.
  • A record that can hinder certain prospects.
  • Such a conviction might also curtail or completely revoke gun ownership rights.

North Hempstead Sexual Offender Information

Sex offenders in North Hempstead NY, individuals convicted of sexual misbehavior varying from non-consensual activities to rape, are mandated to register with local law enforcement. Their information is incorporated into the National Sex Offender Registry, which police utilize to monitor them. The public can also access this registry for safety purposes.

North Hempstead Dui/Dwi Cases

A North Hempstead DUI conviction will appear on a criminal record check. Even if the arrest didn’t culminate in a conviction, it would still be shown in the record, which may hinder certain prospects, specifically with driving functions.

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