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A warrant in Kings County NY is a judicial or administrative document authorizing an arrest or search. A warrant is issued based on probable cause, a reasonable suspicion that an individual has committed a crime, which may be supported by eyewitness testimony, physical evidence, or an anonymous tip.
Law enforcement agents can search for evidence or make arrests using a warrant. Warrants may be issued in both civil and criminal situations.

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Resources Specific To Kings County, New York.

Kings County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO Warrant Search)
210 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 488-3545
Arrest Warrants Guide
Most Wanted

New York City Police Department
1 Police Plaza Path, New York, NY 10038
Phone: (646) 610-5000
Arrest Warrant Guide

Supreme Court (Felony)
320 Jay St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Website 2

Kings County Warrant Search Online

You can contact the local courts or law enforcement organizations if you need warrant records when doing a Kings County warrant search. Likewise, a lawyer can assist you in establishing if there are arrest warrants.

Accessible Court Records

Kings County court records provide information on outstanding warrants. Most warrants are public documents; thus, searching your local court website should be simple. After locating the appropriate court, you may search for warrants using the person’s name or the case number.

The Kings County Sheriff's Warrant List

You may find out whether you have an active Kings County warrant by contacting the local police department. Many law enforcement organizations offer online warrant checks, the most convenient option. You can also obtain information by contacting the public records department of the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued.

Bench Warrants In Kings County

A bench warrant permits a judge to summon an individual to court. A Kings County bench warrant is issued when an individual misses or refuses to appear at a scheduled court hearing. Law enforcement uses it to find and arrest the individual and bring them before the court.

Arrest Warrants In Kings County

The police can only get a Kings County arrest warrant if they provide evidence to a court that demonstrates reasonable cause to think that a crime was committed and that the suspect mentioned in the warrant was the perpetrator.
The burden of proof necessary for a warrant is lower than that required for a conviction. Additionally, it may be supported by tips and circumstantial evidence.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Those who have left the legal system of the prosecuting jurisdiction are given fugitive warrants. The warrant indicates that the identified individual is a fugitive, and authorities in other areas will cooperate in apprehending them.

Search Warrant

There are a variety of search warrants in Kings County NY. However, the most common search warrant is the conventional one. They enable authorities to look for specified objects in a given location. A warrant for a typical search needs probable cause. In other words, there must be reasonable cause to think that a crime has been committed and that the materials being searched are evidence of this crime.

Kings County Warrant Searches For Free

A court issues an arrest warrant to Kings County law enforcement to apprehend and bring a suspect to justice. Regardless of the cause, you can execute a warrant search for free to see if an arrest warrant has been issued for an arrest using public records.

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