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Kings County criminal records are aggregated and updated at local, state, and federal levels by various administration bodies. These documents include both arrest and conviction information.

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Local Sources For Criminal Info In Kings County, NY

Supreme Court (Felony)
320 Jay St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Web Check
Web Check 2

Kings County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO)
210 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 488-3545
Inmate Lookup
Most Wanted
Record Requests
Public Registry of Sex Offenders

New York City Police Department
1 Police Plaza Path, New York, NY 10038
Phone: (646) 610-5000
Record Requests

Kings County Court Records

Courts in Kings County NY maintain criminal records for various reasons, with accuracy being critical. Given their role, courts have to provide accurate and credible details.

Kings County Police Records

When looking for police records for Kings County criminal background checks, you can approach your local sheriff or police department for copies.

Arrest Data

Arrest records in Kings County NY serve several important functions. They provide public insights into an individual’s criminal past, support legal proceedings, and aid people in examining a person’s history. While accessible through law enforcement agencies, courthouses, and online databases, certain arrest records, such as sealed or expunged ones, will be kept private.

Inmate Data

You can review jail inmate records at local Kings County sheriff’s departments or for prison records on the DOC website. Given that these are public records accessing them should be straightforward.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Kings County NY like speeding, disregarding traffic signals, or letting loose family pets, constitute a substantial portion of court cases. Infraction convictions generally result in fines or community service.


Kings County misdemeanors, crimes warranting up to a year’s jail time, rank lower in gravity than felonies. Their seriousness can vary from petty offenses to more grievous offenses.

Kings County Felony Records

To determine if somebody has Kings County felony convictions, consult the court of the conviction county or reach out to the state’s department of corrections to see if they served time in prison.

Kings County Sexual Offender Information

Sex offenders are those convicted of criminal offenses in Kings County NY, including sexual actions or contact, encompassing rape, child molestation, sexual assault, or child pornography distribution or ownership.
The severity among sex offenders differs extensively. Certain offenders are mandated to sign up with local police, making their data openly available.

Kings County Dui/Dwi Cases

A Kings County DUI arrest brings severe ramifications, such as license revocation, fines, or imprisonment in some cases. A DUI conviction leaves a lasting criminal record, impeding prospects in specific tasks, like driving or piloting roles.

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