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A warrant in Erie County NY is a court order that permits an arrest, a search, or both. The vast majority of warrants are issued in relation to criminal investigations. However, warrants can also be utilized in civil proceedings.
Typically, these warrants are supported by probable cause. It is the conviction that someone has committed a crime. It may be founded on the testimony of eyewitnesses, tangible evidence, or even anonymous tips.
When a warrant is issued, law enforcement agents are authorized to conduct a search and make an arrest.

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Resources Specific To Erie County, New York.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO Warrant Search)
10 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 858-7618
Warrant Office at (716) 858-3287
Warrant Search

Crime Stoppers WNY
Most Wanted

Buffalo Police Department
68 Court Street Buffalo NY, 14202
Phone: 716-851-4444

County Clerk (Felony)
716-858-8785 x2
92 Franklin St, 1st Fl Buffalo, NY 14202
Web Criminal
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

City Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
50 Delaware Ave, Ste 750 Buffalo, NY 14202
Web Criminal
Web Criminal 2

Cheektowaga Police Department
3223 Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14227
Phone: (716) 686-3500

Town of Tonawanda Police Department
1835 Sheridan Dr, Buffalo, NY 14223
Phone: (716) 876-5300
Active Warrants

West Seneca Police Department
1250 Union Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224
Phone: (716) 674-2280

Erie County Warrant Search Online

Searching regional official internet databases via a court or police office in one option for your Erie County warrant search.
You may also do a background check to determine if someone has a criminal record or hire a private investigator to research.

Accessible Court Records

If you wish to identify someone for whom an arrest warrant has been issued, the courts are a top resource to search criminal records. Depending on the jurisdiction, this can be accomplished in person or online. Once the proper court resources have been obtained, it is time to look for any cases involving the individual.

The Erie County Sheriff's Warrant List

There are several ways to locate an active Erie County warrant working with the sheriff or police. You can inquire with the authorities by contacting them, or you may also be able to check the online warrant list provided by law enforcement on their websites.

Bench Warrants In Erie County

A bench warrant is issued for arrest if someone fails to appear in court. This warrant is distinct from all others because a person doesn’t need to face a criminal charge to be charged with failure to appear in court.
It is essential to quickly resolve any Erie County bench warrants for your arrest to avoid getting randomly arrested.

Arrest Warrants In Erie County

To get a Erie County arrest warrant, the police must comply with specific requirements. They must have reasonable suspicion and proof that a crime has been committed and convince a judge to sign off on the warrant.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Typically, fugitive arrest warrants are issued for criminal suspects who have fled the jurisdiction to escape prosecution. Unlike regular Erie County warrants, fugitive warrants are executed in different jurisdictions.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a court order that authorizes Erie County police to conduct a search of a person or property for evidence of a crime. In most counties, a judge must show probable cause for a crime. There must be evidence of the offense in the area being searched.

Erie County Warrant Searches For Free

There are several instances in which a warrant search may be necessary. You may be searching for a friend, family, or loved one, or perhaps you’re on a blind date and want to confirm your date doesn’t have a criminal past.
It is vital to determine what area the warrant originated in and then find regional criminal public records resources to complete a free warrant check.

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