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Different circumstances might prompt you to look up somebody’s Buffalo criminal record online. Possibly you’re looking for a babysitter and want to make sure they haven’t been convicted of theft or violent offenses. Or, you might be dating and want to confirm the individual you’re meeting doesn’t have a criminal past.

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Local Sources For Criminal Info In Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Police Department
68 Court Street Buffalo NY, 14202
Phone: 716-851-4444
Freedom of Information Requests (FOIL)

County Clerk (Felony)
716-858-8785 x2
92 Franklin St, 1st Fl Buffalo, NY 14202
Web Criminal
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

City Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
50 Delaware Ave, Ste 750 Buffalo, NY 14202
Web Criminal
Web Criminal 2

Erie County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO)
10 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 858-7618
Inmate Roster
Warrant Search
(FOIL) Records Access
Public Registry of Sex Offenders

Buffalo Court Records

Court records are vital when examining someone’s Buffalo criminal background. They provide insights into an individual’s previous offenses and present legal status. The method of accessing these records may vary by jurisdiction. Many court websites have a public search function where you can input names, case numbers, or other identifiers.

Buffalo Police Records

For a detailed Buffalo criminal background check, you can source police records as another resource. One way is through a Freedom of Information Act request to the agency.
Alternatively, private business offer this service.

Arrest Data

To find arrest records, start with the local sheriff or Buffalo police department, as they preserve a record of all their arrests. Each state has distinct guidelines surrounding public records. If you’re investigating records from a different state, the process might be diffrent.

Inmate Data

For in-depth criminal background checks, Buffalo inmate records are another invaluable tool. They supply a detailed summary of somebody’s criminal history, including convictions and sentences.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Contact the court that handled the case to locate infraction records or explore online public record databases. Some states offer statewide online court record databases; if not, use the local Buffalo courts.


Misdemeanor records in Buffalo NY provide a window into an individual’s criminal past, providing insights into potential risks to one’s security.

Buffalo Felony Records

Felony criminal offenses in Buffalo NY include a broad spectrum, with frequent offenses like violent acts (murder, rape, assault) and home criminal offenses (theft, arson).
Lots of jurisdictions also classify drug offenses as felonies. The gravity of the criminal activity typically determines the punishment; severe felonies can lead to prison sentences going beyond a year. In certain situations, a felony might be devalued to a misdemeanor.

Buffalo Sexual Offender Information

If you need to see the registered sex offenders in Buffalo NY, there are databases to assist with the search. Check with your local law enforcement for a list, or consult the state registry for detailed information.

Buffalo Dui/Dwi Cases

A Buffalo DUI conviction is evident in a criminal history check, which can hamper potential opportunities for people with a DUI. This conviction also appears on driving records for a minimum of seven years. Insurance providers might hike premiums if they identify a DUI on your record.

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