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A warrant in Babylon NY is an order from a judge that gives police and other law enforcement officers permission to look for and take evidence related to a crime. The police can also get an arrest warrant if they believe a suspect has breached the law.

Resources Specific To Babylon, New York.

Babylon Police Department
281 Phelps Lane North Babylon, NY 11703
Phone: (631) 422-7600

Suffolk County Sheriff Office
200 Suffolk Ave, Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: (631) 852-2200

District Civil (Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
1st & 5th District Court Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-7614
On Location Search – Yes (More Complete)

District Criminal (Misdemeanor and Traffic)
400 Carleton Ave Rm D220 Central Islip, NY 11722
Web 2
On Location Search – No

Babylon Warrant Search Online

On the website of your local sheriff or police department, you can typically locate a page that allows you to search for outstanding Babylon warrants. Or, there will be contact information for the warrant department.

Accessible Court Records

A person’s criminal history can be found using Babylon court records. Here’s how to look for warrants using court records.
First, look up the name on the website of the court in your area. This will give you a list of all the cases they were a part of. Look for entries with the word “warrant” in them; if an entry talks about a warrant, that is probably the record.

The Babylon Sheriff's Warrant List

To find an active Babylon warrant, you can call the local police or look on their website for a current warrant list in their jurisdiction.

Bench Warrants In Babylon

Using a bench warrant, a judge can get the police to bring someone to court through an arrest. People usually get this warrant when they don’t show up to court or don’t follow the rules for their release.
Babylon bench warrants are different from other warrants because judges, instead of police officers, issue them. In other words, the person on the warrant is arrested and taken into police custody to get them to appear in court.

Arrest Warrants In Babylon

The police can only get a Babylon arrest warrant if they have good reason to think that a crime has been committed. They can show probable cause with the testimony of eyewitnesses or with evidence that can be seen.
If the judge agrees that there is probable cause, they will sign an order letting the police make an arrest.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

A fugitive warrant is issued when a person is charged with a crime and runs away to avoid getting arrested or going to court.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a court order signed by a judge that gives police the right to search a person or their property.
A Babylon search warrant ensures that searches make sense and aren’t needless.

Babylon Warrant Searches For Free

You may benefit from conducting a free warrant search in several ways. The most obvious advantage is that it can prevent you from being unexpectedly arrested. If you have an outstanding warrant, you will almost surely be arrested if the police stop you for any reason if they do a warrant check.

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